15 Oct 2015


Calling all talents! Do you have

15 Oct 2015


Calling all talents! Do you have what it takes to be our new Business & Marketing Analyst? You may just have found your new home!

This job is about leading our way into new businesses, imagining how we can fulfil and exceed their marketing needs and ultimately making them part of our NeoLive family.

Now, you should have a very broad and interchangeable set of skills, what we like to call here SGGness. We are looking for someone with crazy research skills, so crazy that you could be a spy! Someone who’s able to make their words dance in a paper and convey emotions even in the strangest places.

The winning applicant for this position will have excellent written skills, amazing research experience, a fun personality, super organized, a very strong work ethic and fit in with our fun office of casual and creative humans beings.

This is a really cool job where you’ll get to acquire tons of real life experience while working with a great team in a beautiful place in downtown Miami!

If you are ready to become part of our team please submit your best CV to contact@neolivemarketing.com

Hurry up! This position will fill in no time…

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