06 Jul 2018

Vtex and Brand Strategy

Recently, our team at Neolive Marketing

06 Jul 2018

Recently, our team at Neolive Marketing had the pleasure of attending an important eCommerce event for companies, promoted by VTEX.
The purpose of the event was to present the structure that it offers to online stores and to show its platform in greater detail for the upper management and programmers of eCommerce companies.

VTEX has 2,300 online stores in 24 countries, and together handles more than 18 million orders and over $2 billion dollars in transactions annually.

VTEX website landing page

VTEX attracts countless companies already present in other countries, that are increasingly willing to tackle the American Market and its avid always connected consumers.
As we all know, shopping in the US is particular and diverges from what is seen and performed in other countries, which brings various challenges to new entrants.
A good Brand Strategy is essential for either new brands as it is for those well-established in other countries.

The US presents a projected online shopping estimate for 2018 of 220.6 million people, spending each, a total of US$2,012 dollars annually.
Purchases online, made through mobile devices exclusively reached US$ 23.7 billion in the third quarter of 2017 alone.

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