07 May 2016

Usual and Unusual Gifts for Mother’s Day

  Have you already thought about

07 May 2016


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Have you already thought about what you are going to give your mother on Sunday for Mother’s Day?

Apart from spending some quality time with her on Sunday (don’t you dare travel or plan something that will take you away from seeing her on this day!) we prepared some ideas that will certainly make her smile.

Since there are many options out there for you to choose and many different types of mom, we divided all ideas into USUAL and UNUSUAL.


Usual gifts are popular items people always give to their moms, year after year. But believe me, these ones are very welcome.

  • Flowers – never mistaken unless you know your mother hates it (which is really uncommon).
  • Jewelry – women love jewelry, it only depends on your budget.
  • A card – don’t forget to put some handwriting of yours in it.
  • A book – when in doubt of what she likes reading, try finding what types she has at home. Get something of the same genre that is trending at your local bookstore.
  • Fancy candy – for example: if she likes chocolate, try finding an exotic brand/origin of cocoa beans for her to try – which is something she wouldn’t think of spending her money into it.
  • A nice bottle of wine – here you will have many options in the red or white wine range.

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When I say unusual I mean getting a present for her will not be as easy as just going out and buying any nice looking flowers you find.  You will have to think about your mother, her personality, her taste and in what she does that makes you smile.

Example: my mother loves doing her nails different each week and she always has a bright different color on them. I would give her either a paid manicure/pedicure OR new nail polishers. It is up to you to decide what you prefer doing or paying. Also, don’t forget to analyze what exactly she would wear! Don’t even think of getting her a brown nail polisher if you only see her wearing pink and red!

Here are some ideas:

  • If your mom loves drinking fancy at all times, give her a special set of glasses, mugs/cups for coffee or jars.
  • If your mom loves pampering herself, think of a body moisturize or special products for a hot bath at the tub.
  • If your mom is always wearing lipstick whenever she goes, give her one that will look good on her. Tip: Just show a picture of your mother to the attendant at the makeup store, and ask a basic color that will match her skin and hair color.
  • If your mom loves cooking different meals, give her some nice apparel for the display of whatever she cooks that you like best. If it is a chocolate cake, give her a nice cake stand where next time she cooks a cake she will make it look prettier and she will remember you. Something similar to this one. She could even have a tea time with her dear friends and use it to display the sandwiches, scones and biscuits just as the British do for their well-known afternoon tea.

If none of the ideas above would suit your mom well, just think of her personality and her tendencies when shopping. Women in general usually like anything they get as a gift.

Also it is always nice inviting her for brunch or dinner and telling her you will pay it as a gift. After all, what she really wants is your company.

Like any of these ideas? Comment here for any other you think we missed!

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