28 Aug 2015

The Importance of Networking

I’m sure you have heard the

28 Aug 2015

The importance of professional networking events

I’m sure you have heard the phrases: “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time for those things”, right? Almost everyone is guilty of either saying these phrases or thinking them. Today, I’m here to tell you that it’s important we make time in our busy schedules (even if we think we don’t have time) to network.

Early this week, I attended a Luncheon provided by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in Miami. The idea behind the luncheon of course was networking; therefore, I prepared myself. To be honest, I had been to networking events before but never to one like this one and there is where I learned the importance of networking.

I can understand why some people might think networking events are a waste of time but in my opinion, they are incorrectly measuring the results. Networking events are not solely to sell; in fact, if you attend the event with the idea that you are going to come out with a big contract, you will scare your contacts away. Networking events are intended for people (business owners, supervisors, managers, decision makers) to introduce themselves, their business in an effort to get a business contact in return. Obtaining a business card is extremely important in order to be able to build a relationship. Once you obtain a business card, the work is done… for a moment!

The importance of professional networking events

It’s important to always follow up with the people you meet. Who knows? Maybe you can score a meeting with them and it can turn into a business deal. Everyone wants business deals but it’s important to not become desperate. Some networking events are better than others in terms of business opportunities but as long as you attend them and make yourself and your business known, you are doing a good job.

The optimal result of a networking event would be to come out with new accounts but in order to achieve that you have to get out there and meet and connect with people. Let them know you are there; maybe they know someone that could use your business services, you never know. Just remember, network and follow up.

Check in next week for some tips to become a networking expert!

– Belen Baquerizo

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