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Best Practices to Sell Through Amazon’s Marketplace!


Amazon, the world leader in online sales can be also considered as the biggest shopping mall we consumers will ever find. It’s a known fact that most of us utilize the site not only to satisfy our purchase needs, but also as a sort of online price checker. With over 200 Billion in sales expected for 2017 Amazon is undoubtedly the best Marketplace for a variety of products and one that you want to do the right way to succeed.

To many, Amazon may seem like a saturated market, but with over 40% of their sales going to third party sellers it is a great way to reach customers throughout the globe for any business and even though it requires a little effort to set up and maintain correctly, it is definitively worth the work!

Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks we gathered from the experts around the globe that can get your Amazon seller account in the right track from the beginning:

amazon neolivemarketing

  • Registering Right: Having more than one Amazon Seller Account is not only inconvenient, but its also an Amazon Policy Violation.
  • Choosing the Right Seller Account: Fulfillment by Amazon or on your own? There is no right answer, so you can base this on competing shipping costs for you or your business.
  • Using Different Categories: Merchants who categorized their products within Amazon existing categories are proven to have far more success than the ones who don’t.
  • Using Colored Backgrounds: Images used to show products with colored background tend to have less orders overall.
  • Offering Free Shipping: If your budget or fulfilling methods allow, offering free shipping is proven to be the silver bullet for increase in purchases.
  • Over Describing Your Product: It’s a fact, most Amazon shoppers don’t read! So gather the most important information about your product and express it in a friendly and short manner.
  • Obtain Featured Merchant Status: Is not clear how Amazon manages the qualifications for Featured Merchants, but it doesn’t hurt to keep all your metrics in line for the shot!
  • Manage Your Seller Reviews: Claims and Returns are an unavoidable truth in Amazon’s Marketplace, but managing these in a promptly manner can save you some headaches and can help protect your ratings.

Introducing Safe-T Nails


logoMani & Pedi… that marvelous ritual that women really, really love… If only we had more time for it!

Thankfully Safe-T Nails is here to the rescue with their innovative and portablesolution to nail care that comes ready to use and promises to make our lives much easier. Along the lines of portability this amazing new product is also 100% hygienic, since every individually packaged kit is completely discardable and comes with all the tools you need for a perfect pampering session.

For all our environment friendly folks there are also good news: the kit is designed to be used waterless! Thanks to Safe-T Nails’ exclusive Active Cream, specially developed to soften the cuticles and moisturizing the skin, you’ll be able to perform the perfect Mani or Pedi without taping into this precious resource. These advantages make Safe-T Nails the perfect tool for women who are constantly on the go, but specially creates new market opportunities for Spas and nail professionals.


Safe-T Nails comes in 3 different packages: 1 for Manicure, 1 for Pedicure and 1 for Professional pedicure. Instruction for use are pretty easy to follow. Plus there are many videos you can access through Safe-T Nails website where you can learn more about correct application and how to make the most out of this new product.