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People in the Business – Lisa Hyman and Max Kabat


Do you need inspiration on how to define your target and build the right campaign to reach them?

This month’s Spotlight features two marketing professionals: Lisa Hyman and Max Kabat. They both work at GoodDog, a company from the LeadDog Marketing Group.

They worked on a campaign for Plum Organics, a company that produces organic baby food, snacks and mealtime solutions for toddlers and kids. Along with Something Massive, LeadDod developed “Parenting Unfiltered”, a campaign made to connect to parents by acknowledging their day-to-day struggles and the messy reality of parenthood.

The video wasn’t product-specific, but a lifestyle campaign, planned to catalyze conversation, inspire genuine engagement and position Plum as the brand that gets it.Toddler girl playing with daddy in the garden

LeadDog created a manifesto for the campaign and developed a two-year long marketing plan to make Plum stand out of the clutter of emerging organic brands. Key people to Plum’s campaign was Max Kabat – that on LinkedIn calls himself a GoodDog – and Lisa Hyman – partner and head of strategy.

Max Kabat and Lisa Hyman wanted to surpass the first goal of obtaining video views and start a conversation about the topic in social media, creating a connection between the brand and the parents/clients. After the publication of the Plum’s video, showcasing parents in unfiltered, real situations, Plum promoted it by partnering with influential parents across the web, that created and shared their own honest parenting unfiltered in a variety of platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, generating organic awareness of the campaign and adoption of the hashtag #ParentingUnfiltered.

We will leave you with inspirational quotes from Max and Lisa.

  • Marketing has an innate ability to influence people and effect change so we harness it to do good – Max Kabat from LinkedIn.
  • The best idea can come from anyone – you just have to be listening – Lisa Hyman from LinkedIn.

Plum’s campaign is a great example of targeting the right public, the niche group that will buy the product you offer. Studying the psychographics of your customers and target customers will tell you what would be the best means of targeting them, influencing them on creating brand awareness, reach them at the right place and right time in an attempt to satisfy their needs.

The future of Marketing – Lifestyle

Happy fun dancing housewife housekeeping kitchen clean immaculate joyful pleasant lifestyleWhat’s the deal with Lifestyle Marketing? It’s a subject that is difficult to understand for some because it’s almost abstract. How can companies make money or increase their brand awareness with lifestyle marketing? WHAT IS LIFESTYLE MARKETING? 

Let’s start by defining content marketing aka lifestyle marketing. Lifestyle marketing is a way to engage consumers with your brand through values and interests in common. A brand has an identity and so does your consumer, therefore the purpose of lifestyle marketing is to be FRIENDS with your consumer. Once you touch a person/consumer on a personal level, they are hooked. If your consumer understands your brand and shares your brand’s values and interests, they are more likely to spend their money on you… and essentially, that’s what we want.

Call to Action is a super commom practice in Marketing as the end goal no matter in what industry you are in, is to increase sales… BUT, a research conducted to analyze the marketing strategies of competitor brands NIKE & ADIDAS found the following:

The findings? Nike used more lifestyle content than Adidas. Sixty percent of Nike’s posts featured lifestyle content and its traditional call-to-action posts received an average of 993 shares a post. In contrast, only 32 percent of Adidas’ posts featured lifestyle content, with its traditional posts receiving an average of 122 shares each.Two young friends sitting at outdoor cafe and smiling. Multiracial women hanging out at sidewalk restaurant.What does this tell us?

Of course, call to action is important but the new generation, the one that is starting to have buying power and will be the future of our economy, does not really care about seeing a million call to action buttons because they are more interested in learning about the soul of the brand. Do they believe in the same things? Are they environmentally friendly? Are they socially conscious? Do they treat their employees with integrity? THESE are the things that matter now, the things that will turn a group of friends into your best customers or your worst enemy by syndicating negative messages about your company/brand on social media.

Make sure to invest some time in defining your brand. What is the personality of your brand? How can you talk to your consumers as a friend?

For more tips on how to create a brand identity, read here.

Learn How to Use Snapchat for Business

NeoLive Marketing shares tips on Snapchat to personalize your brand

Snapchat started as a communication tool for friends and family but has developed into one of the most sought after social media networks in the past year or so. What is it about Snapchat that influencers and brands are investing so much of their time with this app? Well, we have instagram, twitter and facebook which are amazing social networks that allow individuals and brands to showcase their lives, thoughts and dreams but Snapchat takes it a step further. Below, I will break down the top 3 reasons why Snapchat can be considered to be the future of your digital marketing strategy.

Snapchat allows you to:

  1. Portray your brand personality – Beautiful pictures are great but there is something about adding a voice to a brand that makes it much more easy to relate with. Make sure you choose a person you trust in your company to be the spokesperson of your Snapchat.
  2. Show your audience LIVE events – Consumers feel attached to the brand because they are getting an inside view of the company with behind-the-scenes content
  3. Give your audience private information – Provide special content exclusively to your snapchat audience. Snaps erase after 24 hours therefore, your audience will always be engaged to not miss any important details.

It’s not a difficult tool to use, you won’t have to worry about hashtags or creating  full-out company profile; just create an account and get recording. The only thing I ask when creating your account and communicating to your audience about your profile… make sure you write it out EXACTLY the way it shows on your ghost. See image below.

NeoLive Marketing shares tips on Snapchat to personalize your brand

If you are not on board with Snapchat yet, it’s time you get on with it! 

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