27 Apr 2016

People in the Business – Jasmine Maleknia

  Social media can help boost

27 Apr 2016

Jasmine Maleknia


Social media can help boost one’s company, everybody is well aware. But how to successfully draw attention from your company’s target consumers?
Finding inspiration in great success stories from other companies might help you.
Today we are going to present you Jasmine Maleknia, the social media manager behind the media campaigns at Airbnb, bringing the company to being the finalist at the 7th Annual Shorty Awards “Best Brand on Instagram”.
Jasmine was key to Airbnb doubling their audience in the second half of 2014, drive more than 15k click throughs in a platform that does not enable links and motivate the community to engage more (growing from 179 user generated photos in January 2014 to 6,429 uploads in December in the same year).
Jasmine worked on the strategy of showcasing the most unique places around the world in which other Airbnb costumers could imagine themselves in and striving to keep their community at the heart of their Instagram account – 75% of the photos utilized in the Instagram account is from its users.
With this strategy, Airbnb got a gold distinction at the same time Jasmine got an honorable mention for “Best Integrated Campaign”.
In 2014 the Airbnb team took the platform to the next level by making it bookable, through a link (the only one allowed in the platform) after receiving innumerous Instagram comments by people requesting about how they could book that same property featured on that platform.



Want to also take your business to a higher level? Inspire yourself on successful cases like this and professionals such as Jasmine.

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