05 May 2016

Learn How To Target Your Right Audience

  When trying to reach customers,

05 May 2016


When trying to reach customers, many companies tend to analyze only demographic data of their current or target clients, which includes their age, gender, occupation, religion, nationality, income, race, family size and education.

In order for a company to promote its brand or products effectively, it has to consider information other than just the demographics. Analyzing the psychographics is key to aiming at the right audience because it tells you one’s beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors (activities, interest, opinion).

Take this example: Your product is nail polisher and your customer is mostly women, between the ages of 16 to 45 years old, they are either single or married. You already figured out the basic demographic information for your customers but you also know that your customer wants to always feel pretty and polished. She also cares about hygiene and appearance. She likes going to the beach on the weekends and to parties. All the “personality” information you get that describes your customer but it is not demographic is known as psychographic data.

A successful marketing campaign always focuses on the psychographics of the target population. The steps below will help you use psychographics in favor of your business’ goals:

  • Look to your existing customer base and ask yourself where there are underlying patterns in personality trait. If you do not have this type of data, you can try using a/b testing (see more about a/b testing here);
  • Investigate your website’s analytics, which tells you what times your product sells more or if a discount influenced a raise in sales;
  • Interview your clients to learn more about themselves, with questions regarding to where they like to go, activities they enjoy.

Using the data you collected by all means mentioned previously will help you define your customer’ psychographics. Next thing you have to do is address your marketing media to where this type of public is. If they go to the gym every day, create a campaign for this platform; if they regularly watch videos on YouTube, create one about your brand and share it on that platform and so on. If they are always checking their Instagram feed, create an influencer program with Instagram influencers for products reviews.

Your consumer’s psychographics will tell you more about your current and potential clients and help your company reach them more precisely.

Also, by better understanding your consumer, you will exceed in engaging with them  by adjusting your message in your campaigns to better speak to their needs and interests.

Hope this post shed some light on this topic and helped you see where you are at understanding your target and current consumers. Have comments on psychographics? Comment below!

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