Last Minute Thanksgiving Things!
25 Nov 2015

Last Minute Thanksgiving Things!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner

25 Nov 2015

Neolive Marketing shares last minute thanksgiving tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (tomorrow!), it’s important to keep a few things in mind that will make this special day even better!

The person writing this blog is a girl so, naturally all these things have to do with “Girl Things”

  1. Touch-up your eyebrows so you look extra pretty
  2. Nails! Put some color on them
  3. Drinks. There’s always wine during dinner but what about fun cocktail drinks? I like my Thanksgiving dinner to be fun, maybe you do too?
  4. Flowy tops. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you plan on eating 🙂
  5. Flowers. This works for GUYS too. Buy your girl some flowers; they will make her happy and the dinner table will look beautiful.
  6. Snacks. I think we wrap our heads around the dinner that we forget the before dinner foods. Don’t starve, go to the grocery store and grab something quick.
  7. Mini-workout. You have all day to prepare for dinner, get a little workout in. It will make you feel good even when you can’t move after dinner.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Remember to be safe 🙂

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