17 Jun 2016

Father`s Day is this Sunday!

  This Sunday in many countries

17 Jun 2016


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This Sunday in many countries is Father’s Day. Every June we remember the first man we loved and try to compensate all the learning and achievements he helped us through.

Being a father is not an easy task. They do not get easily prepared as moms are to be a parent. A mom has the hormonal help and the whole 9 months of pregnancy to get used to being a mother. The father, on the other hand, practically gets thrown into a new life of being extremely responsible for another person’s life. Picture it: when your father discovered he was going to be a father, he suddenly had to get used to the pressure of providing to a new human being; and also be there for you, contributing to your self-development. Have you ever thought of how heavy did this burden feel to him?

Above all that, the father, which was number one priority for the wife, your mother, is now secondary in her thoughts!

So, on this Sunday, do not forget to tell him how much you love him, appreciate the hard work he has put in for you – even though you might think your mother did so much more! – and give him a present.

 father and son playing together at the park

So now comes the hard task. What should I give to my father? There are so many things that would please him but as we think about it, they already have everything! As we are always trying to give something different and creative, when it comes to the father, it really does get hard! So, again, try to find out what kind of things make him smile.

  • Does he appreciate dining out? A nice lunch or brunch out is very welcome. Surprise him picking a place you know will definitely get to his heart – my father loves meat, what better place to go other than a steakhouse?
  • Does he drink specialty drinks? For example, is he a beer person? Try to find some exotic labels so he can try something different;
  • Write a card with a personal and meaningful phrase – it is always nice for him to know why he is important for you;
  • Is your father a fan of sports? Buy tickets and give him on Father`s Day – it is okay if the game is in a month, that day will be all yours to celebrate his great parenting;
  • Is your father fashion-forward? If not, give him something he could wear but doesn’t have the patience to browse.

Everybody goes through the same path of thinking that giving presents to mothers is hard, but when it comes to finding the perfect gift or something that would somehow repay all of what your father has done to you, you will be facing a very hard task. So, keep it simple and show with your actions everything he has meant to you.

We hope you have an amazing Father`s Day this Sunday and if you are also a father reading this, our congratulations, keep doing your amazing job!

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