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Spotlight: Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman affiliate marketing guru and her story  As this month our concentration was in Affiliate Marketing, we thought it would be ideal to present you with one of the most respected persons in the affiliate marketing industry: Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman started her career as an affiliate marketer 15 years ago when her new born baby had a bilateral stroke. Rae was 20 years old at the time and she wasn’t able to hold a normal day job due to the amount of care her baby required. Rae had received a laptop from her father with the intention to help her research more about the situation she was in. Rae began getting involved with support groups for people in similar situations as her; soon enough, she was working 40-60 hours per week as a volunteer and began wondering what she could do to still do the volumteer work she loved so much but at the same time bring some money home.

As you can imagine, having a child with disabilities brings large debts; Rae and her then-husband were struggling to pay their bills so Rae started researching about affiliate marketing. This was in the age when google was just starting out, so Rae had to learn everything from scratch. Rae got herself to work – she needed to build a website and learn seo, and she did it. Within 2 weeks she had learned html and seo and was ready for business.

Rae Hoffman affiliate marketing guru and her story

Six months after intensive work at her website and affiliate marketing programs, she was outearning her husband! Fast-forward 15 years and Rae Hoffman is a blogger, speaker, auditor and writer all at the same time. Rae also owns Sugarrae which is a consulting firm for digital marketing and she co-owns Pushfire, which is an SEO consulting firm.

Rae Hoffman is truly a person to look up to. Some people are scared of affiliate marketing because it’s somewhat difficult to understand the impact it can have in your personal life and if you are a brand/company it’s also difficult to understand the value behind it. But, if there’s anything Rae Hoffman has taught the internet world, is that anything is possible.

If you are an affiliate markerter, prepare yourself for years of hard work as income doesn’t come easy. If you are a brand looking to get into the affiliate marketing industry to increase sales, make sure you pick the right influencers for your campaigns. See our latest post on choosing the correct influencers, here. 

The future of Marketing – Lifestyle

Happy fun dancing housewife housekeeping kitchen clean immaculate joyful pleasant lifestyleWhat’s the deal with Lifestyle Marketing? It’s a subject that is difficult to understand for some because it’s almost abstract. How can companies make money or increase their brand awareness with lifestyle marketing? WHAT IS LIFESTYLE MARKETING? 

Let’s start by defining content marketing aka lifestyle marketing. Lifestyle marketing is a way to engage consumers with your brand through values and interests in common. A brand has an identity and so does your consumer, therefore the purpose of lifestyle marketing is to be FRIENDS with your consumer. Once you touch a person/consumer on a personal level, they are hooked. If your consumer understands your brand and shares your brand’s values and interests, they are more likely to spend their money on you… and essentially, that’s what we want.

Call to Action is a super commom practice in Marketing as the end goal no matter in what industry you are in, is to increase sales… BUT, a research conducted to analyze the marketing strategies of competitor brands NIKE & ADIDAS found the following:

The findings? Nike used more lifestyle content than Adidas. Sixty percent of Nike’s posts featured lifestyle content and its traditional call-to-action posts received an average of 993 shares a post. In contrast, only 32 percent of Adidas’ posts featured lifestyle content, with its traditional posts receiving an average of 122 shares each.Two young friends sitting at outdoor cafe and smiling. Multiracial women hanging out at sidewalk restaurant.What does this tell us?

Of course, call to action is important but the new generation, the one that is starting to have buying power and will be the future of our economy, does not really care about seeing a million call to action buttons because they are more interested in learning about the soul of the brand. Do they believe in the same things? Are they environmentally friendly? Are they socially conscious? Do they treat their employees with integrity? THESE are the things that matter now, the things that will turn a group of friends into your best customers or your worst enemy by syndicating negative messages about your company/brand on social media.

Make sure to invest some time in defining your brand. What is the personality of your brand? How can you talk to your consumers as a friend?

For more tips on how to create a brand identity, read here.

Learn How To Target Your Right Audience


When trying to reach customers, many companies tend to analyze only demographic data of their current or target clients, which includes their age, gender, occupation, religion, nationality, income, race, family size and education.

In order for a company to promote its brand or products effectively, it has to consider information other than just the demographics. Analyzing the psychographics is key to aiming at the right audience because it tells you one’s beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors (activities, interest, opinion).

Take this example: Your product is nail polisher and your customer is mostly women, between the ages of 16 to 45 years old, they are either single or married. You already figured out the basic demographic information for your customers but you also know that your customer wants to always feel pretty and polished. She also cares about hygiene and appearance. She likes going to the beach on the weekends and to parties. All the “personality” information you get that describes your customer but it is not demographic is known as psychographic data.

A successful marketing campaign always focuses on the psychographics of the target population. The steps below will help you use psychographics in favor of your business’ goals:

  • Look to your existing customer base and ask yourself where there are underlying patterns in personality trait. If you do not have this type of data, you can try using a/b testing (see more about a/b testing here);
  • Investigate your website’s analytics, which tells you what times your product sells more or if a discount influenced a raise in sales;
  • Interview your clients to learn more about themselves, with questions regarding to where they like to go, activities they enjoy.

Using the data you collected by all means mentioned previously will help you define your customer’ psychographics. Next thing you have to do is address your marketing media to where this type of public is. If they go to the gym every day, create a campaign for this platform; if they regularly watch videos on YouTube, create one about your brand and share it on that platform and so on. If they are always checking their Instagram feed, create an influencer program with Instagram influencers for products reviews.

Your consumer’s psychographics will tell you more about your current and potential clients and help your company reach them more precisely.

Also, by better understanding your consumer, you will exceed in engaging with them  by adjusting your message in your campaigns to better speak to their needs and interests.

Hope this post shed some light on this topic and helped you see where you are at understanding your target and current consumers. Have comments on psychographics? Comment below!


NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week

The Fashion month is almost over so I thought a fashion post was crucial. Of course this blog might be a little biased since I’m a fashion enthusiast but… it’s important to share!

Do you know when NY Fashion Week started? It started on 1943 in New York City to distract attention from French Fashion during WWII. French Fashion (Couture) was seen as the leading inspiration for American designers and the media didn’t give much importance to American fashion designers, so during this troubled time in Europe, it was a great opportunity to hold Fashion Shows in USA. The first fashion week was actually called “Press Week” created by Eleanor Lambert to showcase American designers to fashion journalists that had previously ignored their works.

Fast forward to 2015 and we still have Fashion Weeks! (yay!) New York, London, Paris, Milan are the main fashion cities and every year, designers and fashion houses debut their newest collections. It is during these weeks that the press decides what is “In” and what is “So Last Year”.

NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week

The fashion industry has a lot of controversy built around it but honestly, fashion dictates everyone’s world either directly or indirectly. The thing is, people have the wrong idea behind the word “fashion”. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to be on trend, it just means that whatever you choose to wear, although it is not the trendiest piece, it was designed specially for you (individuals that don’t care about fashion). Everything that is sold, is placed in the stores for you and this amazes me. Fashion Week is used to determine trends but it is also used as inspiration for marketing strategies. Realistically, there are very few people that have the bank account to afford designer pieces therefore, fast fashion companies or bridge companies use these designs, to re-design and market themselves as a trendy, In, fashion company. Genius? Yes. Is this good? Probably not, due to the labor that’s involved in this action but we will talk about this another time.

For now, enjoy these beautiful Fashion pictures!!

NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week

Creative Collaboration


NeoLive Marketing article about creative collaboration

Back from a sunny, fun but quick holidays. Once in the plane my mind already drifts in a request made by my chaperons (friends and business partners) Tony and Zeno.  “Would you collaborate and write something for our blog?”  The first time you hear this and you realize they are dead serious, the responsibility drops as a few tons over your shoulder.

What should I write about… only what I like, what will be useful to others, new things, new places, new experiences, what, what, what?? My perception of the 4 P’s, experiences with marketing agencies and some specific viral project, how to understand the viral phenomenon, things (special experiences) that are game changers, what, what, what?

While I’ll leave these themes in the drawer for later use, still on the plane, I read a very entertaining profile of Ted Danson on Esquire (read it) – please say you remember him from Cheers so I don’t feel that old – one word slapped back… collaboration!!

According to Webster, col·lab·o·ra·tion a noun derived from the intransitive verb collaborate: 1. to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor; 2. to cooperate with or willingly assist an enemy of one’s country and especially an occupying force; 3. to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.  I’m sure Ted’s character in his latest series CSI had to collaborate a lot with other agency but I’ll go stick with the first definition which in summary is to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.

I have always liked the results of collaboration because it is a real mix of different positions creating something new and amazing.  Since I really like music, and this is my article, I need to make a music reference.  The first amazing music collaboration I remember is the soundtrack from the movie “Judgement Night” (Jukebox).  A whole album only with collaborations… okay some more than others.  But the mixing of different garners was mind-blowing!! Anyway, even going against better advice from some friends, for me R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap are the sizzle.  Jay-Z made it global with Linkin Park!!  David Guetta made it mainstream… even if you have sweet tunes someone needs to sing right, DJ?  Today the industry is all about “ft.” and this just makes it easier for me chill or hop or hip hop in one song with different artist.  The king master cobra today is Pitbull.  The mix of flavors and beats with an amazing fit of styles and collaboration.

Since I’m Brazilian, and this is my article, just kidding okay, we can explore a few successful Brazilians.  The Campana brothers comment in their Brazilian GQ article that their success comes from their collaboration and thinking about the same project from different perspectives.  This is where the real value comes together.  In my humble opinion, more than an expert recommendation, I can see the value of collaboration comparing artists.  Osgemeos are also Brazilian and have done such an amazing creativity work together.  I see soul, a message, a story behind their work.  I think Kobra and Romero Brito’s work pretty but lacking of the punch Osgemeos collaboration deliver.   But there is a Brazilian popular saying, “Taste is like [collaboration censor edit], each one has their own.”

Don’t take me wrong, there are mind blowing astonishing individuals that simply shatter all previous common sense and deliver us a new amusement and brilliant moment.  These individuals shake our world occasionally and the whole beauty is that they are rare.  They need to be rare.  The whole idea is that, for me, with collaboration the chances of doing something new and great are much more likely.

NeoLive Marketing article about creative collaboration

Of course a lot of collaboration could end up poop but the possibilities are bigger than the risk.  The idea of bringing two worlds, colliding and creating something new and exciting.  Again, read the profile on Ted Danson.  Maybe one can think there are collaborations all the time.  There are not.  Combine is not collaboration.  Paste is not collaboration.  Glue is not collaboration. No… Na Na Ni Na Nam.  Maybe we find a lot of collaboration in the creative world and design studios.  Bringing to our world – little much much less artistically creative than the people mentioned before – marketing departments and agencies should also have a lot of collaboration. Funny enough, I have seen little real collaboration between most agencies and marketing teams and even less between “marketing and agencies” with sales team.  We still think in silos.  Dreamy silos. I dream this, you dream that and everyone continues sleeping to the collaboration world.

We need to collaborate more.  Really work together real time and create greatness.  Let different ideas slap the reason out of each other.  Once I took work colleagues to a seminar with a creative director of TV Globo and asked to talk about creativity.  He presented a video I watch every other moment of truth (the repeating “am I in the right area”).  That is when I need good ideas and wait to see where they come from (video).  Eureka!!  For me, “good ideas normally come from the collision of smaller hunches”, tks Steve Johnson, is the essence of collaboration.

Here comes a practical and useful tip.  My boss and university professor taught an exercise I really like to use.  It actually is an initial combustion that permits any and every idea be shared without the pressure of hierarchy and even, talking from experience here, shyness. I like that writing is more materialization than thinking, brainwriting is an effective manner to generate ideas and start constructing on them.  A method, first published in 1968 by German Bernd Rohrbach, named the 6-3-5 Method is a good way to start.  The idea is to have 6 members (use more if needed), have each one write 3 ideas based on a common question on a page of paper and after 5 minutes fold it and pass it on to the next person.  This person reads the previous ideas on the paper and can add to a previous idea or write three new ideas for five minutes.  Extra tips are to stick to it that after a blank of creativity, great things are put to paper.  Try not to add to your own idea but the ones on the paper.  Very important, after the exercise is over, cluster them into similar ones and then open discussion on each one.  All ideas have been shared and added on and can be worked in an open discussion.

Whatever you are, wherever you are, try to combine hunches with different thinking and believing people.  Mix it up, try.  At the end, this is the reason of this blog.  Get different markets views, different agencies essence and have a new proposal for all of us.  Share experiences, books, videos, music, my sincere and humble opinion.  And of course have much FUN!!

Maybe soon I have a few hunches of what to write next time!  ‘Till then, peace out!

Do you work in the marketing industry? Do you collaborate?


Lean more about SEO Tactics

NeoLive Marketing updates on SEO Tactics

     Paid search is becoming more and more expensive due to the competition in the market. Many companies are turning away from paid search and focusing on organic growth by implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy. SEO has become almost a spell for digital marketers and business owners; a spell for digital marketers because it is ever-changing and the struggle to keep up with Google’s algorithm is exhausting and a spell for business owners because having to oversee all of their business’ operations, keeping up and understanding the value of SEO seems almost impossible.

Well, business owners, your digital marketers are right. SEO is extremely valuable not only for your online presence but for the benefit of your company. As a business owner, I assume you want to increase your revenues, but you can only increase your revenues if you increase your clients and you can only increase your clients if you increase your visibility. Unfortunately, Google is the owner if your visibility, thus we must do as Goggle says. Google SEO algorithmsThere are many SEO tactics but for today we will focus on 2.

1. “Mobilegeddon”- Implemented in Spring 2015, Mobilegeddon is a Google algorithm update which basically moves your website down in the organic rankings if your site doesn’t provide a mobile user experience for the searcher. Every site has to be mobile optimized which means it should be able to adapt to any screen size the searcher chooses to open your site with.

2. Google Local Search- Make sure you create a profile on Google My Business, also known as Google +. This will place your company on a local search map and every time a searcher is looking for a service around your area, your company will pop up. Keep in mind, creating a Google + profile is not enough, always be active within your circles in order to increase your rankings. Creating quality content translates into informative content for Google and that is a PLUS, PLUS!

How do you keep up with SEO Tactics?

5 Tips on Business Networking

NeoLive Marketing shares 5 Tips on business networking


Welcome back! If you were around here last week, you probably read this introduction post about business networking. Well, today we are discussing 5 tips to become the best business networker! Fun, right?

Let’s get to it:

1. Give before you get: This basically means, don’t sell, sell, sell. Sounding like a sales person, pushes people away. To build strong business relationships you have to be willing to give something, in order to get something back. This doesn’t necessarily means buying a company’s services in order to later get them as a client; giving before you get can just mean inviting your ideal client to lunch, coffee or dinner. Make them feel special.

2. Be present: If you have ever been at a networking event, you know there’s a large crowd involved. Although it’s great if you talk to all of them, remember no one will remember you if you are all over the place. When you are talking to one person… talk to them, look at them, don’t be distracted.

3. Listen more than you talk: Again, make the people you are meeting at the networking event feel special. Not a lot of people are interested in your success; they want you to know their success… listen, understand, analyze. Then, follow up for a meeting and there you go!

4. Think long-term: Building business relationships is not something that happens overnight. You have to trust them, they have to trust you. Be patient. It’s better to keep the client interested and have a loyal customer down the line than to jump into something and lose them quickly because you couldn’t understand their needs that well.

5. Take action right-away: Don’t wait 2 weeks to follow-up on your new business networking friends. Follow-up by email the next day; maximum 2 days later. Do not give them time to forget you or your business.

And that’s it! I hope these 5 tips serve you useful!

Remember, practice makes perfect.

– Belen Baquerizo

The Importance of Networking

The importance of professional networking events

I’m sure you have heard the phrases: “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time for those things”, right? Almost everyone is guilty of either saying these phrases or thinking them. Today, I’m here to tell you that it’s important we make time in our busy schedules (even if we think we don’t have time) to network.

Early this week, I attended a Luncheon provided by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in Miami. The idea behind the luncheon of course was networking; therefore, I prepared myself. To be honest, I had been to networking events before but never to one like this one and there is where I learned the importance of networking.

I can understand why some people might think networking events are a waste of time but in my opinion, they are incorrectly measuring the results. Networking events are not solely to sell; in fact, if you attend the event with the idea that you are going to come out with a big contract, you will scare your contacts away. Networking events are intended for people (business owners, supervisors, managers, decision makers) to introduce themselves, their business in an effort to get a business contact in return. Obtaining a business card is extremely important in order to be able to build a relationship. Once you obtain a business card, the work is done… for a moment!

The importance of professional networking events

It’s important to always follow up with the people you meet. Who knows? Maybe you can score a meeting with them and it can turn into a business deal. Everyone wants business deals but it’s important to not become desperate. Some networking events are better than others in terms of business opportunities but as long as you attend them and make yourself and your business known, you are doing a good job.

The optimal result of a networking event would be to come out with new accounts but in order to achieve that you have to get out there and meet and connect with people. Let them know you are there; maybe they know someone that could use your business services, you never know. Just remember, network and follow up.

Check in next week for some tips to become a networking expert!

– Belen Baquerizo

How to Handle Monopsony for Your Marketing Plan

Posted August 14, 2015 by Antonio MirandaMarketing Agency Miami

Several areas of marketing such as branding, product development, trade marketing, pricing and promotion can definitely be enhanced by basic knowledge of economic theory.

In today’s post we will take a look at how Monopsony can be a real threat to the entire company success if it is not taken into consideration when developing a Marketing Plan.
Essentially, Monopsony takes place when an individual buyer controls the market for a specific product or service, basically defining prices, quantities and quality levels, typically because without that player there wouldn’t be enough demand for the product to exist.

One of the main concerns marketers should have when developing a solid marketing plan is how the trade channels – or marketing channels – can play a pivotal role in the way a product or service will reach its target consumers.

It’s commonplace to see great product ideas failing because whoever needed to market the idea did not anticipate how the marketing channels would accept and support the distribution of a new product launch. In fact one of the most impactful aspects of the trade channels is how powerful they are to either leverage your sales to a higher level or simply destroy your margins due to a dominant position in the market.

1. Balance Your Trade Marketing Strategy
The wise old saying of not putting all eggs in one basket is rarely wrong. Think of ways of diversifying the channels that will handle your product or service. If you’re a technology fan, don’t assume that only a specific online channel, such as, will be the right option for your business. You should also try to introduce your product in the traditional retail channels through brick and mortar distributors and wholesalers.

The inverse is also true. A large retail chain – such as Wal-Mart – can also harm your margins. Even if it can guarantee that your product will be widely distributed nationwide, the price for that can be very tight margins.

2. Monopsonists Are Tough
Think of a monopsonist as the cutest girl in school. She won’t pay attention to you unless you’re as desired by other girls as she is by the guys. Monopsonists tend to charge more (a lot more!) to allow a new product to get into their stores. Discounts, rebates, POS materials, trainings are just some of the tools they might require from you to let you in. And, at an early stage, you may not have all that to offer.

3. From Cool to Mainstream
If you think your product idea is really a breakthrough and you need to launch it without the market power of a large corporation then you should really pay attention to this tip. Every “cool” brand, deep inside, really wants to grow and be a mainstream product or service one day. That’s how companies can make serious money.

In this case, monopsonists are really bad for the beginning of your product life cycle. In order to make a brand become hip enough, the marketing channels have to be precisely selected. It just can’t be everywhere until you’ve created enough buzz to unleash its whole market potential.

Choose those channels that will care enough about your product or service to dedicate efforts in developing your brand through specialized services, training, visibility and promotion.

4. Business is Personal and Relationships Matter
You will only succeed if you can get the people around you to support you and your strategy. Professionals working in your trade channels are certainly the ones that you want to foster strong and winning relationships with.

Developing strong personal relationships with monopsonists is a challenging task, though. Most of these gigantic corporations have very strict policies that basically prevent any kind of social integration between sellers and buyers. Even small gifts and sales conventions are more and more under scrutiny nowadays. Consequently, for a newcomer, it’s really difficult to establish personal relationships with large corporations.

Thus, this is another good reason to avoid a monopsonist until your business is strong enough to play in the big leagues.

5. Not All of Them Are Bad
It may sound like monopsonists are really awful. But that’s not a rule. Sometimes it can be good to be allied with a monopsonist if it makes sense for your strategy.

Let’s take the electronics and appliance store Best Buy as an example. Although Best Buy is not really a single player in the market, a lot of consumers go to their stores to look, touch and try products before buying online with a discount. This is such a strong behavior pattern that Best Buy started to match online prices at the store in case the customer shows a lower price.

Therefore, a monopsonist can be a good showroom if you’re able to have shelf presence and to overcome the challenge of not becoming dependent on a single buyer.

Antonio Miranda is the Managing Director of NeoLive Marketing and Executive Advisor at SGG Business Consulting in Miami. NeoLive Marketing is a strategic marketing agency with offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre and is specialized in branding, corporate events, trade marketing, digital marketing, proprietary events and promotions.


Five Important Marketing Plan Tips for Startups in a New Country


A lot of executives and business owners ask us what is important to consider when developing a marketing and sales strategy to enter a new market.  Marketing Agency Miami; Marketing Company Miami; Marketing Plan; Market ResearchSo, I decided to share some relevant tips regarding the necessary marketing and sales planning that you should be concerned about before investing time and money in a challenging new market.

If you haven’t been putting much thought into your marketing plan, then it’s time that you give your start-up a boost with the following tips.


  1. Research before spending a lot of money

It sounds like common sense but, believe it or not, most companies do very little (or none) market research before investing a lot of money in a new market.

Market research must be the initial step for any new business effort in a new market.  Hire a reliable research institute that can really go deep into the fundamental aspects of the business environment, the competitors, the local rules, the consumers’ behavior and the positioning of your brand and your product or service in the new market.

The knowledge you’ll gain and the time and money you will save after the market research compared to a trial-and-error approach is priceless.

During the market research phase, try to identify the strategic partnerships that you really need to develop and beware of some of the “online-famous” companies that are just traps for new entrants.


  1. Make sure to have good local people onboard

Another common mistake we usually see in the companies that have just started in a new market is that the headquarters send their best HQ people.  That’s not a problem at all, as excellent people from the HQ can definitely help in conveying the corporate culture and the operational knowhow of the business.  However, it’s also important to have local people who know the other side of the coin.

When I mean good local, I mean people that have enough long-term connections to solve everyday problems easily and can also add strategic value to the decision making needs of the start-up.


  1. What you know in your home country may not be too valuable in a new market

I know you know your business like nobody else does.  And me as well as everyone else respect you for that.  But everything you know about your business in your home country may not add too much value in a new market.

Thus, be ready to be open-minded and become a good listener as you disembark in a new market.  Many times, we meet executives who have built their whole marketing and sales plans based on assumptions that made sense in their home country and, only after the start-up was already running in the new market, they realized that most of those assumptions were wrong and they had to deal with expensive correction plans, spending money and time.


  1. Hire a marketing agency that understands your own culture and the local culture

When it comes to developing a good and solid marketing plan, it is important to count on people that know what your brand strategy and your unique selling proposition mean in your home country and how this can be adapted or adjusted to the new market so that potential consumer segments will understand, try and adopt your product or service.

The marketing communication styles also vary a lot from country to country.  It is not uncommon for us at NeoLive Marketing agency in Miami to receive communication materials from agencies based in New York or London with key visuals showing plenty of blonde people skiing in beautiful winter resorts and that communication will be used as trade marketing point-of-sale materials in tropical countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil.

So make sure to choose a marketing agency that not only speaks your language but also understands the local culture of the markets it intends to develop in.


  1. Consider having commercial partners that are small but professional and ambitious enough to care about your business

A while ago one of our clients was happy for having closed a deal with a large distributor in Florida.  On the other hand he wasn’t so happy because he only had found small distributors in Arizona, Georgia and Central America.  After a few months, we talked again and, guess what, the large distributor from Florida wasn’t buying as much as he expected while the smaller distributors were buying much more than the forecast.

That’s a common case of making your business be relevant and mean something to someone.  Obviously, the large distributors or commercial partners tend to focus on the accounts that represent more volume and they also have what the economists call monopsony power, and you definitely should avoid that.  So, try to find that company full of energetic and professional people that are starting and will do whatever it takes to leverage their – and consequently your – sales.


Make sure to come back next week for other marketing tips on how you can improve your marketing strategy.


Next Post: What is monopsony power? How it can affect your business.


Antonio Miranda is the Managing Director of NeoLive Marketing in Miami.  NeoLive Marketing is a strategic marketing agency with offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre and is specialized in branding, corporate events, trade marketing, digital marketing, proprietary events and promotions.