Learn How To Target Your Right Audience


When trying to reach customers, many companies tend to analyze only demographic data of their current or target clients, which includes their age, gender, occupation, religion, nationality, income, race, family size and education.

In order for a company to promote its brand or products effectively, it has to consider information other than just the demographics. Analyzing the psychographics is key to aiming at the right audience because it tells you one’s beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors (activities, interest, opinion).

Take this example: Your product is nail polisher and your customer is mostly women, between the ages of 16 to 45 years old, they are either single or married. You already figured out the basic demographic information for your customers but you also know that your customer wants to always feel pretty and polished. She also cares about hygiene and appearance. She likes going to the beach on the weekends and to parties. All the “personality” information you get that describes your customer but it is not demographic is known as psychographic data.

A successful marketing campaign always focuses on the psychographics of the target population. The steps below will help you use psychographics in favor of your business’ goals:

  • Look to your existing customer base and ask yourself where there are underlying patterns in personality trait. If you do not have this type of data, you can try using a/b testing (see more about a/b testing here);
  • Investigate your website’s analytics, which tells you what times your product sells more or if a discount influenced a raise in sales;
  • Interview your clients to learn more about themselves, with questions regarding to where they like to go, activities they enjoy.

Using the data you collected by all means mentioned previously will help you define your customer’ psychographics. Next thing you have to do is address your marketing media to where this type of public is. If they go to the gym every day, create a campaign for this platform; if they regularly watch videos on YouTube, create one about your brand and share it on that platform and so on. If they are always checking their Instagram feed, create an influencer program with Instagram influencers for products reviews.

Your consumer’s psychographics will tell you more about your current and potential clients and help your company reach them more precisely.

Also, by better understanding your consumer, you will exceed in engaging with them  by adjusting your message in your campaigns to better speak to their needs and interests.

Hope this post shed some light on this topic and helped you see where you are at understanding your target and current consumers. Have comments on psychographics? Comment below!

People in the Business – Jasmine Maleknia

Jasmine Maleknia


Social media can help boost one’s company, everybody is well aware. But how to successfully draw attention from your company’s target consumers?
Finding inspiration in great success stories from other companies might help you.
Today we are going to present you Jasmine Maleknia, the social media manager behind the media campaigns at Airbnb, bringing the company to being the finalist at the 7th Annual Shorty Awards “Best Brand on Instagram”.
Jasmine was key to Airbnb doubling their audience in the second half of 2014, drive more than 15k click throughs in a platform that does not enable links and motivate the community to engage more (growing from 179 user generated photos in January 2014 to 6,429 uploads in December in the same year).
Jasmine worked on the strategy of showcasing the most unique places around the world in which other Airbnb costumers could imagine themselves in and striving to keep their community at the heart of their Instagram account – 75% of the photos utilized in the Instagram account is from its users.
With this strategy, Airbnb got a gold distinction at the same time Jasmine got an honorable mention for “Best Integrated Campaign”.
In 2014 the Airbnb team took the platform to the next level by making it bookable, through a link (the only one allowed in the platform) after receiving innumerous Instagram comments by people requesting about how they could book that same property featured on that platform.



Want to also take your business to a higher level? Inspire yourself on successful cases like this and professionals such as Jasmine.

We hope you liked reading this and would love hearing who else you would like being featured in this Spotlight – People in the Business! Leave us your comments below or check us out at @NeoliveMarketing


Up Your Instagram Game to Beat the New Curated Feeds

With Coachella recently behind us (for the week), Instagram newsfeeds everywhere are going back to their normal selves leaving behind a weekend full of flowers, music and questionable hipster outfits. For Instagram, this weekend was more than a music festival that prompted their users to utilize this platform more frequently, it was also the perfect set up to role over their latest Video Channel feature that promises to change the way we socialize and for some us “Marketize” our businesses.


The feature “Videos You Might Like” comes after the successful introduction of the explore tab and the Featured Channels. It is set to fulfil the platforms’ need to compete in the digital and online marketing world where more and more brands are opting to advertise with interactive ads instead of plain old images.

The fact is that this year so far Instagram has introduced many new competing updates and that presents a challenge for us marketers to adapt and keep our businesses relevant despite of them. So let’s take a closer look of what those changes have been and what we can do to keep ahead in the game.

  • Curated Feeds: Long gone are the days of the chronological feeds where algorithms and priority where a non-issue and ads online worked only by location. This update presents a new challenge for marketers who now have to prompt their followers to activate notifications in order to receive the full impact of their campaigns. Although there is no way around this there a few tactics you can implement to contra rest the impact.
    • Create, create and create engaging content.
    • Prompt your followers to turn on notifications for your account
    • Keep the use of relevant hashtags and find new ones to add to your strategy.
  • New Explore and Featured Channels: Just as your newsfeed is now curated your explorer page is too. Set to discover and adapt by predicting the type of posts you would like and creating the perfect opportunity to really go into your target customer mind and understand what motivates them and what their explorer feed might be looking like. From there is just game on! Create the content and get on that newsfeed!
  • Videos You Might Like: By now you should know the power of Snapchat for businesses (If you don’t please check out or last blog about it here). More specifically the power of Video for your businesses. So it’s time to vamp up those old static images and jump into the live picture/ video movement. It not only generates the perfect set up to improve how you showcase your business and offer experiences for your customers to interact with your product or service, it is also fun and great way to generate content to syndicate in all your other platforms.


Although these changes may seem like threats to our businesses they are also great opportunities to reinvent they way we portray our products/services on these Social Media outlets. Ultimately it all comes down to create engaging and specific content that speaks to your customer in the right way at the right time and after these first quarter of non-stop updates from Instagram we can expect a lot more changes coming to this platform.

Let us know your thoughts and worries on these new features and if you have any strategies that you have implemented and would like to share we would love to hear from you!

Learn How to Use Snapchat for Business

NeoLive Marketing shares tips on Snapchat to personalize your brand

Snapchat started as a communication tool for friends and family but has developed into one of the most sought after social media networks in the past year or so. What is it about Snapchat that influencers and brands are investing so much of their time with this app? Well, we have instagram, twitter and facebook which are amazing social networks that allow individuals and brands to showcase their lives, thoughts and dreams but Snapchat takes it a step further. Below, I will break down the top 3 reasons why Snapchat can be considered to be the future of your digital marketing strategy.

Snapchat allows you to:

  1. Portray your brand personality – Beautiful pictures are great but there is something about adding a voice to a brand that makes it much more easy to relate with. Make sure you choose a person you trust in your company to be the spokesperson of your Snapchat.
  2. Show your audience LIVE events – Consumers feel attached to the brand because they are getting an inside view of the company with behind-the-scenes content
  3. Give your audience private information – Provide special content exclusively to your snapchat audience. Snaps erase after 24 hours therefore, your audience will always be engaged to not miss any important details.

It’s not a difficult tool to use, you won’t have to worry about hashtags or creating  full-out company profile; just create an account and get recording. The only thing I ask when creating your account and communicating to your audience about your profile… make sure you write it out EXACTLY the way it shows on your ghost. See image below.

NeoLive Marketing shares tips on Snapchat to personalize your brand

If you are not on board with Snapchat yet, it’s time you get on with it! 

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave us comments or suggestions! Follow us on instagram for inside scoop at NeoLive!

LIC Tour Miami – Bud Light Zone

Life In Color - Miami 2016-276

NeoLive Marketing had the pleasure to be part of this year’s edition of Miami’s Life in Color, the largest paint party in the world, developing and managing Bud Light’s brand experience area.

The festival featured two stages, where great DJs such as JackU, Steve Aoki and Zeds Dead performed in front euphoric public ready to dive in paint. Attractions like the Ferris wheel and our exclusive Bud Light Zone were the fun features of the event.

The Bud Light Zone, located between both stages and strategically placed right beside the VIP area, was the go-to stop for those who wanted to have amazing experiences with Bud Light. Our idea was to attract the audience and create unique experiences that they could share with their friends. After endless brainstorming sessions, a bunch of selected ideas were put in motion and made into reality at the Bud Light Zone.

The activations were designed to appeal to a broad audience of partygoers. The Beer Garden, our main purchase point, had the “Bud Light Hour” consisting of hourly giveaways of our signature blue paint and other Bud Light products. The Slip-n-Slide was an incredible experience for those who braved to climb the 30 ft. tall structure and slide into a pool spiced with our signature blue paint. Also, the Slow Motion experience at the Bud Light Zone came with a little twist, waves and splashes of paint formed part of the overall experience and lastly, our LOVE letters became the main picture spot for couples and friends who, just like us, were ready to express their love!

The fun didn’t stop there, 2 lucky couples were chosen at random from the zone to be a part of our two Money Can’t Buy Experiences. The first couple was escorted to stage and given access to the stage’s main paint hose to spray the public away and our second couple had the opportunity to meet and greet the founders of the festival Lukasz and Patryk Tracz during a once in lifetime Ferris Wheel Ride.

The Bud Light Zone was the perfect place to relax, unwind and have a little extra fun at one of the most amazing music events in Miami! Visit us here and relive all the good times with us.

Proud Member of the WTC


In over 300 cities and 90 countries around the world, the WTC connects its members to the global trade community with powerful services and invaluable information. The WTC in Fort Lauderdale is presided by Chilean-Brazilian executive Marcos Aguirre, an engineer with experience in global companies such as KPMG and Ericsson. The WTC Fort Lauderdale aims to connect Brazilian businesses looking to enter the Florida market with their one-stop shop concept.  In this pursuit, the World Trade Center in Fort Lauderdale held its 1st Annual Board Meeting on February 25th at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

NeoLive Marketing is WTC’s official marketing agency and assisted with the planning, coordination, production, and management of the event. Registration began at 3:30pm in the foyer adjacent to the ballroom. Guests were greeted and registered by three bilingual hostesses, as attendance was expected to be 60% Brazilian and 40% American. Our hostesses swiftly registered all members and guests and showed them to their assigned seating inside the ballroom. Five television screens allowed all guests to have a privileged view of the stage.

The Board Meeting promptly began at 4:00pm, and included notable keynote speakers such as Jack Seiler (Mayor of Fort Lauderdale), Manny Mencia (Vice President of Enterprise Florida), and Bob Swindell (President of the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Alliance), among others. After the meeting ended at 6:00pm, guests enjoyed a complimentary cocktail hour with full bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a custom pasta station. The cocktail reception, held in the foyer, had stunning views of the ocean. The decoration was inspired by the beautiful maritime views and the distinguished elegance which characterizes the Ritz, with coral centerpieces for the cocktail tables and tea lights for ambiance.

Safe-T Nails – Revitalize Project

Safe-T Nails came to us with the need of developing their Brand Foundation Strategy and a new image and packaging to re-introduce their revolutionary nail care solutions in the global market. Their initial package wasn’t appealing to their target customers and therefore causing slow sales.

We started by evaluating the positioning of the brand in the market and identifying the needs and wants of their target customers. After that, we developed a brand framework that would guide the path towards the creation of the new packaging and brand communication, including the re-design of their website.

The transformation from their initial packaging to the new one was outstanding. We were able to tap into their target customer’s mind, which will initially be composed by beauty care professionals, and offer them with a safe and hygienic way to provide nail care services to their customers.

Before                                          After



The Manicure Kit is a waterless nail care solutions that is 100% disposable, that reduces the risk of contracting or transmitting diseases by providing separately packaged manicure tools for individual use.




PEDICUREKIT_RGB_LOWRESThe Pedicure Kit is disposable and significantly reduces the chances of contracting or transmitting diseases by providing separately packaging pedicure tools for individual use.






The Professional Pedicure Kit features an exclusive anti-germ system and a significant reduction of water usage.




Our branding efforts and marketing strategy have increased their relevance in the market and they are now a more dynamic brand for nail care salons and beauty professionals. You can visit Safe-T Nails at to learn more about their products.

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