Last Minute Thanksgiving Things!

Neolive Marketing shares last minute thanksgiving tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (tomorrow!), it’s important to keep a few things in mind that will make this special day even better!

The person writing this blog is a girl so, naturally all these things have to do with “Girl Things”

  1. Touch-up your eyebrows so you look extra pretty
  2. Nails! Put some color on them
  3. Drinks. There’s always wine during dinner but what about fun cocktail drinks? I like my Thanksgiving dinner to be fun, maybe you do too?
  4. Flowy tops. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you plan on eating 🙂
  5. Flowers. This works for GUYS too. Buy your girl some flowers; they will make her happy and the dinner table will look beautiful.
  6. Snacks. I think we wrap our heads around the dinner that we forget the before dinner foods. Don’t starve, go to the grocery store and grab something quick.
  7. Mini-workout. You have all day to prepare for dinner, get a little workout in. It will make you feel good even when you can’t move after dinner.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Remember to be safe 🙂

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Introducing LIVE! Concept Store

How excited are we to have worked with this outstanding brand in the inauguration of their first store in the US? A L-O -T! LIVE! is the ultimate clothing brand where fun, fitness and health clash together to make the most stylish collections of Casual, Sport and Beach wear. Every collection, manufactured in Santa Catarina, Brazil is styled with unique cuts using eco-friendly digital printed fabrics, which omit chemical waste and water usage.

Their modern designs and the fantastic “boutique like” feel were the perfect set up for a night to remember in the prestigious location of Lincoln Road, Miami. Celebrity and health enthusiast Bella Falconi was in attendance with many other Miami personalities in health and fitness. VIP guests had the pleasure to receive personalized gifts from LIVE! and enjoy the night welcoming this Brazilian brand into American shores.

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Calling all talents! Do you have what it takes to be our new Business & Marketing Analyst? You may just have found your new home!

This job is about leading our way into new businesses, imagining how we can fulfil and exceed their marketing needs and ultimately making them part of our NeoLive family.

Now, you should have a very broad and interchangeable set of skills, what we like to call here SGGness. We are looking for someone with crazy research skills, so crazy that you could be a spy! Someone who’s able to make their words dance in a paper and convey emotions even in the strangest places.

The winning applicant for this position will have excellent written skills, amazing research experience, a fun personality, super organized, a very strong work ethic and fit in with our fun office of casual and creative humans beings.

This is a really cool job where you’ll get to acquire tons of real life experience while working with a great team in a beautiful place in downtown Miami!

If you are ready to become part of our team please submit your best CV to

Hurry up! This position will fill in no time…

Introducing Safe-T Nails


logoMani & Pedi… that marvelous ritual that women really, really love… If only we had more time for it!

Thankfully Safe-T Nails is here to the rescue with their innovative and portablesolution to nail care that comes ready to use and promises to make our lives much easier. Along the lines of portability this amazing new product is also 100% hygienic, since every individually packaged kit is completely discardable and comes with all the tools you need for a perfect pampering session.

For all our environment friendly folks there are also good news: the kit is designed to be used waterless! Thanks to Safe-T Nails’ exclusive Active Cream, specially developed to soften the cuticles and moisturizing the skin, you’ll be able to perform the perfect Mani or Pedi without taping into this precious resource. These advantages make Safe-T Nails the perfect tool for women who are constantly on the go, but specially creates new market opportunities for Spas and nail professionals.


Safe-T Nails comes in 3 different packages: 1 for Manicure, 1 for Pedicure and 1 for Professional pedicure. Instruction for use are pretty easy to follow. Plus there are many videos you can access through Safe-T Nails website where you can learn more about correct application and how to make the most out of this new product.


NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week

The Fashion month is almost over so I thought a fashion post was crucial. Of course this blog might be a little biased since I’m a fashion enthusiast but… it’s important to share!

Do you know when NY Fashion Week started? It started on 1943 in New York City to distract attention from French Fashion during WWII. French Fashion (Couture) was seen as the leading inspiration for American designers and the media didn’t give much importance to American fashion designers, so during this troubled time in Europe, it was a great opportunity to hold Fashion Shows in USA. The first fashion week was actually called “Press Week” created by Eleanor Lambert to showcase American designers to fashion journalists that had previously ignored their works.

Fast forward to 2015 and we still have Fashion Weeks! (yay!) New York, London, Paris, Milan are the main fashion cities and every year, designers and fashion houses debut their newest collections. It is during these weeks that the press decides what is “In” and what is “So Last Year”.

NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week

The fashion industry has a lot of controversy built around it but honestly, fashion dictates everyone’s world either directly or indirectly. The thing is, people have the wrong idea behind the word “fashion”. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to be on trend, it just means that whatever you choose to wear, although it is not the trendiest piece, it was designed specially for you (individuals that don’t care about fashion). Everything that is sold, is placed in the stores for you and this amazes me. Fashion Week is used to determine trends but it is also used as inspiration for marketing strategies. Realistically, there are very few people that have the bank account to afford designer pieces therefore, fast fashion companies or bridge companies use these designs, to re-design and market themselves as a trendy, In, fashion company. Genius? Yes. Is this good? Probably not, due to the labor that’s involved in this action but we will talk about this another time.

For now, enjoy these beautiful Fashion pictures!!

NeoLive Marketing explores Fashion Week