01 Sep 2015

5 Tips on Business Networking

  Welcome back! If you were

01 Sep 2015

NeoLive Marketing shares 5 Tips on business networking


Welcome back! If you were around here last week, you probably read this introduction post about business networking. Well, today we are discussing 5 tips to become the best business networker! Fun, right?

Let’s get to it:

1. Give before you get: This basically means, don’t sell, sell, sell. Sounding like a sales person, pushes people away. To build strong business relationships you have to be willing to give something, in order to get something back. This doesn’t necessarily means buying a company’s services in order to later get them as a client; giving before you get can just mean inviting your ideal client to lunch, coffee or dinner. Make them feel special.

2. Be present: If you have ever been at a networking event, you know there’s a large crowd involved. Although it’s great if you talk to all of them, remember no one will remember you if you are all over the place. When you are talking to one person… talk to them, look at them, don’t be distracted.

3. Listen more than you talk: Again, make the people you are meeting at the networking event feel special. Not a lot of people are interested in your success; they want you to know their success… listen, understand, analyze. Then, follow up for a meeting and there you go!

4. Think long-term: Building business relationships is not something that happens overnight. You have to trust them, they have to trust you. Be patient. It’s better to keep the client interested and have a loyal customer down the line than to jump into something and lose them quickly because you couldn’t understand their needs that well.

5. Take action right-away: Don’t wait 2 weeks to follow-up on your new business networking friends. Follow-up by email the next day; maximum 2 days later. Do not give them time to forget you or your business.

And that’s it! I hope these 5 tips serve you useful!

Remember, practice makes perfect.

– Belen Baquerizo

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